Saturday, 22 March 2014

ACE Group India Celebrates World Water Day - Start Saving It Now!!

The world celebrates March 22 as World Water Day as it an important element responsible for our life on earth. The human lives owe their existence to water. Our planet is infused with more than 70 percent of water, only a small percentage of it is fresh water, this shows the inadequate availability of fresh water for human beings.

According to the recent World Bank Report, the water level in India has been decreasing continuously. In 1997, the water level in India was around 550 cubic kilometers out of this surface water was around 310 cubic kilometres and ground water was around 240 cubic kilometres. The level has come down to 480 cubic kilometres in 2010 and is now it will drop to 360 cubic kilometre in 2020 and less than 100 cubic kilometre in 2050.

We are at the brink of a global water crisis and efforts are already on for devising ways to conserve water resources though in different ways depending on the ecology of the regions. Rainwater harvesting has been practiced in India for centuries to conserve water and it the world is still continuing the practice to store the fresh water while recycle of water will conserve vast volumes of fresh water and reduce pollution.

On this World Water Day, Pankaj Jain, Secretary, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation says, "Clean drinking water is an essential requirement of every individual and making it available to every person is the very essence of our work. The World Water Day is an occasion to remind ourselves of how humble we are when faced with any water crisis. On this day, let each one of us resolve to make on small yet positive change in our lifestyle towards the cause of water conservation so that our future generations may continue to enjoy this gift of nature."

ACE Group India takes pledge conserve water for our planet as we understands the value of water and how scarce it truly is.

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